Tricolored cats are an amazing miracle of nature. A bright selection and interesting facts about cats “tricolor”


Since ancient times, different peoples of the world believed that the tricolor cat is a symbol of good luck and well-being. To this day, here in Russia it is believed that a triple-colored cat living in a house is worth money. In Japan, the tricolor cat is a symbol of good luck and prosperity. Tricolor … Read more

15 photos of pets that cause a smile and cheer up


Life with a pet is always fun and informative. You never know what your furry buddy will do this time. Of course, each pet has its own character, and over time, its behavior becomes 95 percent pervasive, but oh those 5 percent! Cute, funny, funny and very charming! Our pets are a reason for pride … Read more

The cow escaped from the farm into the woods. Everyone thought she was dead, but almost a year later she was accidentally seen in a herd of wild deer


An amazing story happened in one farm. After the sudden death of the farmer, all his cattle began to be sold – someone to other farms, and someone for meat. A young cow named Bonnie, apparently, sensed danger and, having won the right moment, rushed to the end. There was a forest nearby and the … Read more