The man thought that he had found blind kittens, but it turned out that this was not entirely true


Hello friends!

Today we want to tell you an interesting story that happened in Siberia.

One local farmer, going outside early in the morning, heard a plaintive squeak from his house.

He listened and went to get it. Fortunately, it didn’t take long. He saw four little kittens who seemed very helpless.

It was early spring, it was still cold and the farmer decided that the kittens had been planted on him, as is often the case among people.

He brought the babies into the house and even found them a nursing cat, which took them as family.

After a while, when the kittens opened their eyes, it became clear that they did not look like ordinary domestic cats. Their coat was very thick and fluffy. The tails and ears were also different.

After consulting with a specialist, the man learned that he brings up not simple kittens, but Manuls – wild cats that embrace in this area.

For life in the house, such cats are not suitable, their temper is very freedom-loving.

Although outwardly forest cats resemble ordinary ones – the same miniature, but a little more stocky.

It was decided to transfer the animals into the hands of specialists of the Daursky Reserve.

A few months later, the grown up cats went to their native element – the forest, where they successfully adapted to natural conditions.

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