Russian A stray kitten was placed next to a dog with puppies. Her reaction surprised many


Making repairs in the country, the woman heard, barely distinguishable, a squeak. A little later, she discovered a very small kitten, which was for 2-3 breeds. The kitten was weak and hypothermic, but still alive.

The woman took the baby home, but did not have high hopes for a successful outcome.

Just recently, her dog named Ruby became a mother and, seeing no other way out, the woman decided to conduct an experiment – she planted a kitten on a dog, in the hope that it would accept him and bargain.

For a few minutes, Ruby stared motionless at the “foundling.” It was a disturbing moment. After all, no one expects compassion for a cat from a Doberman. But thankfully, maternal instincts won out, and Ruby began licking the kitten and attaching it to the nipple.

The baby was named Rosie. True, she did not always take dog milk, and she had to be fed a special mixture. But in general, the dog perfectly coped with maternal duties, and the kitten began to recover.

Ruby loved Rosie like a family. She became obsessed with it, which caused emotion in her masters. Even when the grown puppies played hard and inadvertently bit Rosie, Mommy gently took her in her mouth and carried her to safety.

Using an example, Ruby proved that even the seemingly aggressive Doberman breed is capable of great compassion, love and understanding in relation to a weak being on the verge of life and death.

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