The dog plays the piano and sings and the girl dances. A dog named Mercury is able to conquer anyone with his talent (video)

Buddy Mercury is a truly amazing dog. His name fully justifies itself, because the dog just loves music! Several times a day, Badi plays the piano and sings along (or rather howls). And no one specifically taught him this, just a dog grows up in a very musical, creative family. Mercury is a 6-year-old Beagle … Read more

Rescued kitten turns out to be a rare animal (video)

Why it is better to show a kitten picked up on the street to a veterinarian. Discover Tito, the adorable “cat” who has captured many hearts. When Florencia Lobo and her brother discovered two babies abandoned near Santa Rosa de Leales, Argentina, they assumed they were two little kittens who had lost their mother. “We … Read more