A stray cat asked to go to the house of a kind woman, and a little later showed her his kittens


It is known that animals feel kindness and are drawn to those people whose heart is able to feel someone else’s pain.

This story is about just such a situation. One day, a cat came to a kind woman named Vanessa on the threshold of her house. The animal meowed timidly, but the threshold did not cross and was not given into the hands. The kitty was clearly wild and very hungry.


A few months earlier, Vanessa had already been visited by a stray cat, whom she had successfully attached to a good family. And now, when history began to repeat itself, Vanessa began to think that somewhere among the cats began to spread the news that here, in this house, they would definitely be helped.

The woman fed the cat, and it with a satisfied look left. From that day on, the cat began to regularly come to the threshold and ask for food, but it was never given in its hands and immediately ran away after eating.

One day, Vanessa noticed that the cat’s stomach was rounded, and a little later she stopped coming at all.

A few weeks later, the cat came again – noticeably thin and very hungry. Vanessa realized that kittens were waiting for her somewhere. The nights were cold, and the woman began to worry about the kids. She began to feed the cat even more nutritiously and try to gain her trust. And one day she succeeded. The animal allowed itself to be stroked. The fear began to recede.

Vanessa was able to track the cat that led her to her nest. In the corner of the abandoned barn behind the tires lay 4 small kittens. The cat was with them all the time and was only away for food.

A little later, the woman decided that it was impossible to leave kittens in such conditions. After all, they will grow up and become just as wild, homeless and hungry.

One day she took a carrier, went and took all four kittens and their mother home.

By this time, Mommy already fully trusted her and reacted well to the relocation.

Of course, taking responsibility for 5 useless creatures at once is not easy, and not everyone will be able to. But Vanessa succeeded.

A little later, the grown up and adapted kittens began to go to the families that Vanessa picked up for them. And she sterilized the cat mommy and kept her.

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