Formerly homeless dog took a special kitten and became a nurse for him and his best friend


Animals do not get tired of surprising us with their kindness and the ability to “in time” to provide the necessary support!

A young family from Alaska once saw a cat in their yard, next to which a small kitten was sitting. But when people approached, the cat was frightened and ran away, and her cub was left lying in place.

It was a kitten, about 3 weeks old, that clearly had health problems.

Naturally, people could not leave the child in trouble. They brought him into their home and decided they would try to help him.

The kid was named Harper. He was an incredible purr and, despite his illness, showed zeal for life.

After a medical examination, it turned out that the kitten has multiple internal abnormalities, and its hind legs will never recover. Harper was unable to move independently due to an injury he suffered, probably at birth.

People who found him decided that they would try to take care of a special kitten and make his life as long and high-quality as possible.

The family had several dogs that were also rescued from the street. And it so happened that one of the sabakas became friends with little Harper. Cindy had a very strong maternal instinct, and she was good at handling babies.

She licked Harper, played gently with him, as if I could feel what kind of support and help he needed.

The kitten grew, and eventually became a real handsome. The friendship with Cindy did not end. The animals spent most of the day together.

The grown up cat on the prescription of doctors purchased a cart on wheels, which greatly facilitated his movement.

An active cat, running around the house, always returned to his girlfriend, with whom they spent the best minutes of their lives.

Cindy made the life of special Harper happy and helped him cope with physical difficulties. The cat and dog still live together and are best friends.

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