A man saw a small kitten near garbage cans and could not pass by


The usual trip to the garbage cans, in order to throw out the garbage, turned out to be the salvation of a small life for an indifferent man.

Usually, there are many stray cats living in that area, and people feed them. But when the man heard a plaintive squeak and saw a very tiny kitten, it became clear to him that he was most likely thrown here.

My conscience did not allow me to leave, pretending that I had not seen anything. And how can you leave a baby in danger? Any sane person in whom sympathy and compassion live is unlikely to be able to pass by. And the one who brought this miracle here and thought that he got rid of the problem, was deeply mistaken. The law of the boomerang will someday overtake him.

The blue-eyed baby was shown to the doctor. The girl was severely malnourished and her leg was damaged.

The doctor prescribed food and vitamins to quickly restore the health of the kitten.

In general, the baby was a little timid, but for her age – very smart. She immediately went to the tray, mastered the claw, at home behaved quietly, not causing any inconvenience to her savior.

The man and his wife became very attached to the baby. Initially, they wanted to find kind pens for her. But after a few days, they realized that they could not part with a small cat and could no longer imagine their life without her.

This girl was lucky. On her way, she met a real Man, thanks to whom, everything will now be fine in her life.

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