7 Signs Your Cat Is Happy Next to You


Every cat owner in the world wants to see their cat happy. After all, when a cat is happy, she will definitely show her affection and love in return as gratitude, which is very pleasant for the owners. By what 7 signs can you understand that your cat is happy with you? 1. The cat … Read more

7 smells that are very attractive to cats


The cat is a predator for whom the sense of smell is a very important function for hunting at night. In general, cats smell 2 smells: pleasant and disgusting. The fact that the cat goes crazy from the smell of valerian and chlorine has long been no secret to anyone. But what other smells do … Read more

A selection of touching photos “Cat’s Love”


The love of cats is like a separate art. Cat love lies in the fact that they take care of each other, protect each other even from the owner himself, sleep together with their noses, play together, walk together, eat from the same bowl, lick each other. And if one of them does not feel … Read more