The doctor offered to put the paralyzed kitten to sleep, but kind people gave him a chance


In one of the shelters in California brought a cat with kittens. We found them on the street, behind a restaurant. At the shelter, the veterinarian gave the kittens names, one named Twisty, the other Tom.

Tom was an absolutely healthy kitten, running, playing and enjoying life. And Twisty had problems with his hind legs, they were paralyzed, he could not walk on them, but only dragged them along with him.

It was decided to call a qualified neurologist who examined the kitten for his problem and said that the kitten would never be able to walk, that it was incorrigible and putting him to sleep would be preferable.

People who brought kittens to the shelter could not agree with this, they said that the kitten, despite its problem, feels very well and tries to play with the kitten’s brother.

They also added that the kitten only has a problem in the hind legs, otherwise he is all right, so why immediately put him to sleep? Kind people began to look for ways to help a kitten and give a chance to live. On the Internet, they came across special carts that help animals move and strengthen the muscles of paralyzed legs. Next, they went and bought the necessary things and made this trolley for Twisty themselves.

Everything turned out well, Twisty began to slowly learn to get up on his hind legs and try to live like his brother Tom. The kitten was lucky that he fell into the hands of good people who believed in him, in his strength and gave him another chance to live a happy life.

How good it is that there are such people in the world who are not indifferent to animals and save their lives!

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