Kittens of a rare golden cat were born in the German zoo


In the German zoo, two kittens were born from a rare golden cat. One kitten was left with the mother of the cat, and the other kitten was taken away by the zoo staff and took care of him, so they thought that there was a greater chance that both would remain alive and healthy.

The golden cat is an Asian cat and in appearance it is somewhat similar to a cougar, only the color and size differ from each other.

The Asian cat has a small head, the legs are long, the front paws are shorter than the hind legs. When the cat begins to increase the speed in walking, it moves in large jumps, pushing off with its hind legs and jumping on the front. And when he walks with a calm gait, it already turns out like an ordinary cat. The ears of the Asian cat are small, the pillows of the paws and the nose are dirty pink, the fur is long and thick, brown in color, and on the face near the eyes there are white stripes, the tail at the end is white.

These cats are very secretive and unauthorized, do not like to make contact with people if they see a person in sight immediately hiding in secluded places. Also, golden cats are able to make sounds that ordinary cats can make, or rather meow and purr.

This breed of cats, feed on rodents and prefer to eat only fresh meat every day.

Very jealously guard their territory of residence, their territory is marked with waste and deep scratches on trees. In general, the average duration of a golden cat is up to 20 years.

In the photo below is a grown up Asian golden cat:

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