7 smells that are very attractive to cats


The cat is a predator for whom the sense of smell is a very important function for hunting at night. In general, cats smell 2 smells: pleasant and disgusting. The fact that the cat goes crazy from the smell of valerian and chlorine has long been no secret to anyone. But what other smells do cats like, so that they go crazy for this smell?

1. The smell of human sweat – cat owners have repeatedly noticed how the cat lies down on things that smell of sweat. Or how a cat might start licking a person’s armpits or neck, the places where it sweats the most. In general, the sweat of the owner in a cat is associated with security and delicious food. According to statistics, cats prefer more male sweat, it is male sweat that has a relaxing effect on them.

2. The smell of their bowl – cats love the smell of their bowl. Moreover, those owners who feed cats with liquid and dry food, then they have strong, meat flavor enhancers that are well absorbed into the cat’s bowl.

3. The smell of mint is a plant that greatly affects the mood of the cat. After the cat smells the mint, it begins to go crazy, rush around the apartment, jump through the closets, climb the curtains and attack imaginary animals. But mint well stimulates the mental activity of the cat.

4. Olives – the smell of olives causes the cat to mate with the cat and actively run around the apartment.

5. Valerian is an herb that intoxicates a cat. The cat ceases to understand its actions, loses its mind. The smell of valerian in a cat quickly causes addiction and not reasonable seizures in behavior.

6. Smell of fruits (strawberries, watermelon, peach) – smelling the smell of these fruits, the cat is eager to taste them.

7. The smell of raw potatoes – smelling the smell of raw potatoes, cats are also eager to try them faster, they just can not find a place for themselves, as they want to get to the potatoes.

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