7 Signs Your Cat Is Happy Next to You


Every cat owner in the world wants to see their cat happy. After all, when a cat is happy, she will definitely show her affection and love in return as gratitude, which is very pleasant for the owners.

By what 7 signs can you understand that your cat is happy with you?

1. The cat is always happy when it sees you – in the morning when you wake up the cat immediately runs to your bed to spit you. Or when you return after a day of work, your satisfied cat is already waiting in the doorway, who meows loudly with happiness. This suggests that you are giving the cat everything it needs, which is why it is so happy and loves you so much.

2. If the cat often sleeps on its back and opens its belly. For cats, the belly is the most vulnerable place. In a house where the cat is tense or for some reason not happy will never go to bed leaving his belly open. Only if the cat is happy and calm in the house in which it lives will sleep on its back with its belly open.

3. A cat rumbles in your lap and rubs its paws on your skin – when a cat rumbles in your arms, legs or on your lap, then she is satisfied and happy with everything. The second sign of a happy cat, if it sits on your lap begins to knead your skin like a dough with its paws. This action has been going on for them since childhood, because so they kneaded their mother’s belly with their paws so that she had more delicious milk. The kittens enjoyed this process. Therefore, when a cat sitting on you also kneads you with its paws, it means that it is completely satisfied.

4. The cat is active and very self-confident – when the cat is happy and satisfied with everything, it behaves freely and actively without fear of anything. Actively running around the apartment, through the closets, at the owner. This behavior is explained by the fact that from happiness the cat has a surge of emotions that it is trying to release outside and thereby showing the owner that it is a happy cat.

5. When a cat is happy, it takes care of itself – if the cat is satisfied with its life and the care of its owners, it begins to take care of itself more often and bloom. You can often see the picture of a satisfied cat lying and licking itself, content with everything around.

6. The cat sleeps with you on the bed – happy cat, sleeps next to the owner. When the incompetent hides in secluded places and sleeps there. The cat is sure that she is loved in this house and has every right to sleep next to her beloved owner.

7. The cat has a good appetite – a happy cat will always be willing to run up to the bowl. And she will be happy with everything that her owner feeds.

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