A selection of touching photos “Cat’s Love”


The love of cats is like a separate art. Cat love lies in the fact that they take care of each other, protect each other even from the owner himself, sleep together with their noses, play together, walk together, eat from the same bowl, lick each other. And if one of them does not feel well, then the other will definitely sit next to each other and take care of them until the last. There are cats who, after parting with one, can love another, and there are cats who love the whole life of one cat and do not let anyone else near them.

Here are some photos showing feline love:

That’s how sweetly a couple sleeps in love. Very warm and cute photo.

Here it is shown how the cat makes it clear to his beloved that he will never leave her and in any difficult moment will be next to her.

I love you so much my Marusya, let me kiss you. The photo shows how the cat is happy and satisfied that next to her is such a gentle cat.

Then the cat was offended by something and the cat is clearly begging for forgiveness from his beloved.

A couple sunbathes under the rays of the sun. They are well and comfortable together.

Here is true love, where respect and pride for each other reign.

A very cute photo of two loving hearts.

An example of one story about feline love. In one family lived three cats, more precisely one cat and two cats. The cat treated one cat very tenderly, respectfully, followed him on his heels, always slept next to him, and treated the other cat absolutely indifferently, did not let him near him. This suggests that cats also have feelings like people, that they also choose one single one with whom they want to stay all their lives together.

May love reign throughout the world.

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