A woman on the road found an unusual kitten and brought it home (photos)


One morning, a woman named Jill Hisk was about to go to her friends out of town. On the way to friends, a small animal runs out onto the road, Jill Hisk stops the car abruptly and goes out to see who it was. Taking it in her arms, Jill thought that it was an ordinary kitten and decided to cancel the trip to friends and take the kitten to her home.

The woman was very fond of animals and at home she already had a dog with a cat, for this reason she did not dare to bring the kitten directly into the interior of the house, but in the meantime arranged his place in her garage. Jill found a large box and placed a tray and a bowl of food next to it. Next, Jill posted an ad on social. a network that gives to the loving hands of a beautiful kitten. After a while, Jill’s friend arrives and reports that he saw an ad about a kitten and reports that it is not a kitten, but a lynx. Jill was surprised very much and picked up the kitten in her arms to examine him. And then she first noticed that the kitten has an unusual short tail, pointed at the end. Then in Jill’s arms the kitten began to growl a little, then she and her friend were convinced that it was not the kitten that was saved, but the lynx.

Jill immediately went to remove that ad for the kitten and wrote a new one that saved a lynx on the road. The next day, she received a call from the animal rescue center and took the lynx to her. In the center, an unusual kitten was examined and anemia was revealed. After that, he was prescribed treatment with vitamins that strengthen the immune system.

Jill was informed that the trotter would be with them until spring, that after it grew up well and it would be sent to the wild, to some reserve.

Jill replied that she would never forget this handsome man, that he would forever remain in her heart.

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