A touching selection of photos of dogs and their owners


Dogs are our best friends and faithful companions in life. Who if not a dog will happily greet you from work at home? Who, if not a dog, will support you when you are sad? Who if not a dog will save you when you find yourself in a difficult situation?

Probably, we can safely say that if you have a dog, then you do not need other friends.

With a dog, you can do everything: walk, play football, eat together, sleep together, go hunting together, go grocery shopping together, swim together and much more.

Anyone who has a dog has noticed more than once that when it is sad and bad, it comes up and puts its paw on your knee, makes a sad sad look and releases its ears, thereby it wants to show you that it wants to share your sadness with you and support you.

Or vice versa, when you are having fun and you are happy with some news, the dog begins to jump to the ceiling sharing your joy with you.

How many situations have there been when a dog saves drowning people from the water or how it saves children from ridiculous cases.

We can safely say that the dog is the best friend of a person with whom you never disappear!

A selection of touching photos of dogs and their owners:

In this photo, the dog and the owner dance a slow dance together.

Then the dog decided that the softest pillow for sleeping is the shoulder of his beloved owner.

Here is a dog with the owner on a walk, they have fun and good. Take a couple of photos as a keepsake.

Here the dog is madly happy to come home the owner from work, a very cute picture.

Man and dog are best friends. Give five, we will always be on the same page with you.

What a wonderful family. How the dog loves his family and even the cat.

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