Kind people gave love and affection to a kitten who has a heart defect. How did his fate develop further?


Four street kittens were brought to one of the shelters in Britain. One of them was very small in size and volunteers at first wrote it off to the fact that this kitten is a girl, and the rest who are larger are boys. Girls are always smaller in size and weight than males.

The kittens played and ran around, but after a few hours the kitten girl stopped playing, became lethargic and just lay down. The veterinarian did not like it and immediately decided to examine the kitten. The kitten had a suspicion of a heart defect and to accurately verify this, it was necessary to undergo an ultrasound of the heart. But the kitten was too small for this procedure, so it was necessary to wait until the kitten was a month old. After the ultrasound, the diagnosis was confirmed. The kitten had a serious problem with one of the heart clapons and with such a diagnosis, the kitten can live up to a maximum of a year and the operation unfortunately will not help.

Months passed, the kitten lived and enjoyed life. Kind people volunteers Anna and Jack took care of the kitten, paid a lot of attention to it, gave a lot of affection and warmth.

And now the day has come when this girl celebrates her first birthday! She is already a year old, and she is alive and happy and loved by good people!

The cat grew up very beautiful and graceful. Anna and Jack loved her very much.

They believed that the cat would live for a long time and they would try to do everything for this.

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