The story of a brave cat in a wheelchair who enjoys life with his owner


One day, on the beach, a woman named Kevler finds a small kitten whose hind legs have failed. Kevler immediately took the kitten to the veterinarian for examination. After the examination, the veterinarian suggested that the kitten be euthanized. He had a lot of infections that he would be hard to deal with. But the miracle woman Kevler did not agree to this and said that a kitten would come out and make him happy.

On the same day, the woman gave the kitten the name Simba and began to care for and take care of him. The best medicine for Simba’s recovery was love and affection. And yes, thanks to this, Simba began to recover quickly and within a month his paws were moving again. But the kitten still could not walk and he needed to buy a wheelchair with which he would move. Now Simba leads an active life. Every day with the hostess wrap circles around the sea and enjoy life.

Simba loved to sleep so sweetly and soundly after long walks.

Simba was a true traveler.

Simba didn’t realize he was special, but he knew for sure that he was getting everything a happy cat needed!

He was very lucky with the hostess, because she also did not like to stay at home. They could walk from morning to evening and breathe fresh air. Other pets also came to the seashore with their owners and Simba was happy to approach them to get acquainted.

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