The cat got lost, and to get back to home she got on the train and went traveling


The cat loved to go outside near the house, but one day she decided that she wanted to know more and went for a walk far from home. And so it happened that she could not find her way back. The cat reached the railway and just at that moment the passenger train arrived. She began to climb into it, but she was not allowed and was driven away. The cat did not retreat and went to other cars and in one of them it was still launched, sorry. She behaved well on the train, she did not walk well, did not run, but just sat in the passenger seat and thought that she would soon be at home.

The conductor of the train decided to take some photos of the cat and post it on social. with the hope that there will be new loving hosts. At the final stop, the cat had to be dropped off and temporarily kept by local railway workers. There the cat was bathed in love and care, everyone was for such a surprise.

The conductor, who posted photos and an ad about the cat on the Internet, received a call from a man who said that in one of the groups where they were looking for missing pets, a photo with this cat was posted, that it was in search. The conductor immediately called those people who were looking for such a cat and it really turned out that these people turned out to be its real owners.

On the same day, the owners arrived and took their beloved kitty home. And how happy the cat was that she was still at home.

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