A kitten with a crooked neck acquired loving owners and the house of his dreams


One day, a small red kitten was found on the street and taken to the veterinary clinic.

Upon examination, the veterinarian found wounds on his back and a crooked neck. According to the veterinarian, these are the consequences of attacking a kitten of other animals.

One employee of the shelter Tara agreed to take the kitten to her home for a while and nurse him. The kitten itself was very affectionate, everyone who took him in his arms he purred with affection.

Tara fed Marfel (as the kitten was called) through a syringe and on schedule. Since Tara worked in such a job where there are night shifts, she took Marfel to work with her, so that he would not starve and be happy. Marfel loved it when Tara wrapped him in a towel and took him on the handles, showing affection to him.

When Marfel’s wound on his back was completely healed and he became strong and active, he was sent back to the orphanage to find him a home and loving owners.

The next day, Edina’s veterinarian came, she saw the kitten for the first time. The 1st time when the kitten was brought to the shelter was examined by another veterinarian. So, Edina seeing this cat immediately fell in love with him. She picked him up in her arms and Marfel started rubbing her muzzle against her cheek.

Edina loves animals very much and therefore works in such a field, but she did not plan to take the pet to her home, but she could not resist Marfel and took him to her. Edina bought Marfel a large soft bed in the form of a shark, which Marfel loved very much. He constantly slept in it and rested, after active games. Marfel felt loved and happy every day.

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