The man’s tears flowed when he found out where his dog was disappearing every day


Dog loyalty is not a myth, and many dogs are very homesick without their owners. Another thing is that not always others notice this. So a resident of Turkey named Ali at first did not know what was happening to his dog and why it suddenly began to spend so much time on the street. But when he learned about the reasons for the dog’s behavior, he could not hold back tears.

A dog of a yard breed named Jesur was once picked up on the street by a man, and the pet soon became the favorite of his entire family. The day Jesur appeared in the house became a family holiday – it was celebrated as the birthday of the dog.

Especially much attention was paid to the animal by Mehmet Ilhan – Ali’s father. He was half paralyzed, spent a lot of time in bed, and Jesur constantly kept him company, listening carefully to the stories of the owner. With the appearance of the dog, Mehmet had a lot of fun, because now he had a loyal friend.

Unfortunately, the years took their toll and once the health of 79-year-old Mehmet deteriorated greatly. In 2017, he was taken to the hospital, from where he never returned.

At the funeral ceremony, Jesur sat near the coffin of the owner and did not want to go into the house. It was noticeable that the dog was literally heartbroken.

A little time passed, and soon Ali noticed that the dog began to run away from home in the morning. He would come back late at night, tired and kind of depressed.

The family members tried to cheer Jesur up, but jesur would lie down on the mat near Mehmet’s bed and look at them sadly, it was clear that he was grieving the loss.

One day, Ali decided to trace where his dog was running. He slowly went after Jesour, and soon he led him to the outskirts of the city. Ali began to guess where the dog was in such a hurry, but decided to see for himself. Indeed, Jesur ran to the cemetery, found Mehmet’s grave there, and lay down beside it.

Jesour has not forgotten his beloved master. He was able to find the place where he was buried, and every day he went a long way to come here.

Ali couldn’t hold back the tears when he realized how hard it was for Jesour to lose his beloved master. He walked over to the dog and stroked it. So he made it clear to the dog that he shared his feelings and that they both missed the old Mehmet very much.

Now the members of Ali’s family, sharing the feelings of the dog, take Jesur to the cemetery every day, because it is still not safe for him to make such a way.

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