An abandoned dog was found outside the house with a note… (photos)


“Excuse me, please take care of her” – so it was written in a note that was found by a resident of the Brazilian city, Mairinki Lais, next to an abandoned dog in her yard.

Early in the morning, Lais left the house for work and an unexpected surprise awaited her in front of the door. A dog was tied to the fence, and next to it lay a blanket, some food and a note.

Lais already had three cats from the shelter living at home, so she could not keep the dog for herself. The woman sought help on social media and posted a Facebook post with a photo of the dog. If you can call a person a human, Lais said, “How can a human do this?”. You abandoned the animal and just walked away. They left this sweet girl at my house this morning.”

Fortunately, one of Lais’s friends, Rosan Carraco, when she saw the Facebook post, immediately realized that she wanted to shelter the dog. Lais knew that Rosan loved animals, would be able to take good care of the found pet and decided to give her a dog for Christmas.

Rosan already had a four-legged friend at home, a two-year-old dog, Mel, so she was a little worried about how the two dogs would live together. But all her worries were in vain! As soon as the dogs met, they immediately became best friends.

The abandoned dog in the new family received the nickname Lua. Lua can not get used to the new name, does not respond when the hostess calls her. But Lua got along very well with Mel, accepts that Mel is in charge of the house and tries to follow him everywhere.

Now Lua is happy! She was very fortunate to have found a new home and a loving family so quickly.

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