Parents allowed to leave the stray cat for a couple of days. What they said a week later (photos)


Children often ask their parents to have a pet, preferably a cat or dog. However, many adults believe that the animal is an unnecessary problem, and on this basis refuse to fulfill the requests of children. And how is the situation, if the child brings home a stray cat? This question was answered by users of the social network reddit, backing up their story with photo facts.

Fathers who were against cats

At first, Dad said he wouldn’t tolerate cats in the house. Now we live like this:

As a child, my dad wouldn’t let me have a cat. Now our former cat lives like a king. Dad puts him in a box and plays with him on the train.

Dad on day one: We won’t feed this wild cat! A week later: I set up a heated house and a camera in the garden so I knew she was okay.

Dad: We can’t keep this cat! A week later

Dad was against the cat. But now he thinks she needs to walk more.

On the first day: – Why do we need this cat? He’s going to go everywhere! A week later: shows the cat the purchases, because Lucas wants to know it!

On the first day: – We will never have a cat! After a week: the baby needs more play space!

My dad five minutes after he told me, “Don’t let this cat go to bed!”

Dad is an opponent of the cat in a week: – He wants to see what is happening on the street!

Mom was against the cat, but now she climbs every morning where she hides just to pet her.

Dad sings to our cats in the evenings, but once he didn’t love them.

Dad hated bald animals, but now believes they are the best.

Dad complains every time that Remus is sitting on his lap. But he’s actually very pleased!

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