The grandmother was against the dog that her granddaughter had adopted. But the dog saved her life and won her heart


Adults are often vehemently opposed to new animals in the home. This happened in this family, where the grandmother, learning that her granddaughter sheltered a homeless puppy, was, to put it mildly, not happy.

A granddaughter named Anabel found a skinny puppy on the side of the road and brought it home. But her grandmother did not really like dogs and did not allow to leave the dog for good. I had to give Mason, as the dog was called, to a shelter for homeless animals.

A few months later, Anabel learned that Mason’s shelter never had any kind hands, and besides, the dog got sick.

She once again tried to persuade the grandmother to still take the dog home, and she agreed, but with some conditions … The dog should not come close to his room and, especially, go there.

Finally recovering, Mason was home.

Grandma still didn’t like the dog. But one day, her opinion changed…

During the night, Mason woke Anabel up with his barking. It was as if he was calling for her, as if he wanted to show something. The dog confidently walked into his grandmother’s room, although he was forbidden to enter there.

The granddaughter saw that the grandmother was unconscious. She had heart problems and apparently had a seizure.

Fortunately, time was not lost and the doctors were able to help her.

Since then, the grandmother’s attitude towards this dog has changed. After all, he, after all, saved her life. Grandma even allowed Mason to enter her room and lie on her bed.

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