The dog mistook the kitten as his baby, seeing that he was the same color as her


The kitten was found on the street by people and taken to the nearest shelter. At the shelter, a girl named Keightley immediately examined the kitten and began to feed it from a bottle with milk. The kitten weighed less than it should be at his age and so Catley first of all began to fatten it up and warm it on her handles. Also, the kitten turned out that the eyes and nose were inflamed and had to be treated with antibiotics.

After a couple of days, the kitten began to look better. He became active and strong, and his eyes stopped festering.

As soon as the kitten grew stronger, he began to ask for attention from the shelter staff, he liked to be taken on the handles and stroked by his ear. One day, Keightly decided to introduce the kitten to her dog Gracie. Keightly did not even worry about how their acquaintance would go, she was sure that her dog was a big smart guy and very friendly to accept the kitten, so it happened. Gracie mistook the kitten for her child, seeing that he was the same color. Gracie walked over to the kitten and sniffed it and then hugged it with her paw. Wherever the kitten went, Gracie walked around and guarded him. And also they loved to sleep together, Gracie will lie down, and the kitten will hide in a ball under her belly and so they sleep later.

Keightly of course kept the kitten with her, looking at how her dog became very attached to him and mistook him for his child.

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