Shelter dog took custody of a homeless kitten and cared for him


A man from the United States one day on his plot noticed a small kitten that was born just a couple of hours ago. He took this kitten and took it to his home. At home, he called an animal rescue shelter and said he had found a kitten that needed care. Before taking the kitten to the shelter, he fed him warm milk from a special syringe. The kitten was so willing to eat, he was very hungry.

When the kitten arrived at the shelter, at the same time several more kittens were brought who were left without a mother on the street. And volunteer Anna began to take care of everyone at once. Thanks to the care and concern of Anna, the kittens grew up healthy and active.

The kitten brought by the man was cared for by Anna’s dog. She dragged the kitten to eat, made sure the kitten went to the tray and put it to bed. This kitten differed from other kittens in that it was withdrawn and not as active as the others. And Anna’s dog, in order for the kitten to adapt faster faster, was constantly with him, hugged her and licked her face cutely.

When the kittens were three months old, Anna began to search for a home and a loving family for them. And the kitten found was taken first, a large family came and chose him from all of them. When they picked him up in their arms, they said “Baby Leo, that’s your name now, now you are our new family member and we will love you very much.”

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