A street cat cared for by a pensioner thanked him by saving his car from theft, and the man took the cat to his home


At the beginning of the summer, a cat came to one small village, which was able to win over all the neighbors.

But more often than not, who cared for her and fed her yummy treats was her grandfather, a pensioner. Every morning, the grandfather looked out the window to make sure that Haze (as the cat was called) was all right and she did not disappear anywhere. And also grandfather loved to fish and every day in the morning he went to the river for a catch. In the evening I returned and always treated Smoky with delicious fish, and she purrs contentedly and caresses the foot of a kind pensioner. Haze was very attached to this pensioner, but for some reason he did not dare to take her to his home, perhaps there were some doubts that prevented him from deciding on this step. But on one day, the life of a cat and a pensioner turned upside down. On the night of this day, my grandfather took everything from the car from the soot, all the things that were there.

The car was very old, with no alarm system. The neighbors all knew each other, since the village was very small, but still there were some guys who dared to go to such a crime. At the moment when the guys were pulling everything out of the soot, Smoke began to meow loudly without stopping, the grandfather pensioner slept poorly at night and fortunately heard the meow of Smoke. He ran out and started screaming, and those guys immediately ran away. If it weren’t for Haze, the guys wouldn’t have taken things that were just lying in the soot, because if they could open it, they could have opened the car doors. And the saddest thing is that they could take the car itself. The pensioner picked up Smoke in his arms and said to her “come on you to live with me, I definitely will not disappear with you” and Dymka herself, thereby thanking the pensioner for his care and love for her.

This situation removed all doubts from the pensioner’s head and he decided to take her to his home. Now the cat has its own home, its own bowl and a loving owner.

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