A woman came to the shelter with a box for a cat, while she walked and chose, one cat had already took her box


One day a woman comes with a box to the shelter for a cat and while she walks and looks after who she likes best, at that moment one cat has already occupied her box.

The cat who took the box got into the shelter at the age of 14, the fact is that her owner was elderly and recently she realized that she could no longer take care of her cat and gave it to the shelter. The cat’s name was Molly, she was very beautiful and graceful. She had fluffy long hair and bright blue eyes like a clear sky. When the woman headed back to the box and saw Molly there, she fell in love with her at first sight and told the shelter staff that she was taking her. The staff of the shelter thought that Molly would not last long, although she is not young and due to her age there are some health problems, but with her beautiful appearance, she would quickly find new owners and a home.

The woman Olivia was very shocked by the appearance of the cat and with such joy took the cat to her home. Olivia is a woman who loves grooming and order, and therefore Molly very often visited the hairdresser and was always well-groomed and beautiful. One day, Olivia called from the shelter to find out how things were going for Molly, if she liked it in the new place. Molly makes me happy every day, said Olivia in response, and she is a big smartass. There are of course moments when she shows her character and her whims, but in general I am completely satisfied with her. ”

Molly is a great guy, so brazenly and beautifully labeled the woman that now she will be her favorite pet.

It’s such an amazing and sweet story.

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