The story of how a shepherd dog swam for 11 hours to save its owner


The dog is the best friend of man, because it is they who are able to risk their lives to save their beloved owners and faithfully serve them.

So in this story, the dog did not spare himself and his strength swam for 11 hours to save his owner.

The shepherd dog’s name was Handi, and her master’s name was Los Shandy. Los Shandy loved to fish and together with Handi they usually went out to sea on their boat. In February, on the night they went fishing and on the way they had a disaster, the boat’s engine stalled. At that moment, the current was strong and the boat immediately capsized. Los Shandy grabbed overboard the boat and held on with all his might, while Handi was swept away by the current. But Handi was not discouraged and was looking for the nearest shore, but since the sea was large, and the current was strong, it took him as much as 11 hours to get there.

And it was so fortunate that a man stood on the other bank and fished and Handi, despite the fact that he was tired, ran to the man and began to bark loudly and call him after him. The man did not quite understand what was going on, but he began to guess a little. And just at this moment, things that Los Shandy took with him for fishing come to the shore and then the man already understands exactly what is going on and begins to call the rescue team.

Four boats and one helicopter were sent to search for Shandy. The crew that rode the boat took the Shepherd Dog with them. After 2 hours, they found the boat and Los Shandy, who was still holding on to the side of the boat. Shandy was very weak, because his age was not young and to stay overboard for as long as 13 hours, when the strong current interfered, took a lot of strength from him. Rescuers pulled Shandy out and informed him that thanks to the dog, they were able to find and rescue him.

Shandy hugged Handi and thanked him for saving his life, calling him the best dog.

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