The cat walked 20 km to return back to his owners, but they did not wait for him at all. How did the fate of the cat develop further?


A cute cat named Tobby, who became very attached to his owners and loved them madly, did not meet their expectations. After 7 years, the owners decided that they no longer wanted to keep Tobby at home and gave him to old acquaintances. Tobby on the first day ran away from the new owners and for several days got back home to his masters. Tobby fled home hoping that he would now be happily welcomed, that he had simply been accidentally forgotten as a guest. When Tobby got there he started standing at the door and waiting for the door to be opened, but no one opened the door for him.

The former owners took him and took him to a shelter for stray cats. Tobby was lost, he didn’t understand why he was constantly being given somewhere and couldn’t get home.

2 days passed and Tobby began to realize that his owners would not come and became sad. The owners told the vet they didn’t want to keep Tobby because he couldn’t get along with the other pets in the house. The veterinarian was shocked that because of this reason, it is so easy to get rid of the cat. After, the veterinarian in social. She told about the cute cat Tobby with the hope that he would be taken by a loving family.

On the same day, a woman named Tati, after reading a story about Tobby, came to pick him up at the veterinary clinic. According to the woman, the veterinarian understood that the woman would provide Tobby with a happy life, give him both care and affection.

Tati had two beautiful daughters who were very happy with Tobby’s new pet. Tobby found a large and close-knit family. Every day it blossomed and looked very good. He no longer missed his old masters and never tried to escape from his new family.

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