A couple took a kitten from a shelter, but at home in a carrier they saw an unexpected surprise


Couple Patrick and Susie dreamed of having a kitten. They sorely missed someone at home who would delight them every day. One day they went to the shelter, where the shelter manager Emily showed them three small kittens that had been brought that week. The kittens were found outside the city, near the road, and on the road lay their mother, who unfortunately was hit by a car.

Of all three kittens, the couple fell in love with Artemis. The girl was very affectionate and beautiful. She immediately ran and asked for a pen for Susie and Susie chose her.

While Susie and Patrick were getting to know their new tenant, Emily went looking for a carrier for Artemis. And then she put her on the floor in the enclosure where the kittens were sitting, meanwhile she began to talk to Susie and Patrick, encouraging them that they had agreed to be foster parents for Artemis. After the conversation, Emily caught Artemis hugging her and putting her in a carrier and the couple happily went home.

Upon returning home, Susie immediately began to open the carrier and saw an unexpected surprise there.

Along with Artemis was another kitten. It turned out to be Artemis’ brother, whose name was Hercules.

And then Susie thought that’s why Artemis didn’t even meow in the car while driving home. Because she was calm that her brother was with her. Susie called Emily and said that another surprise was waiting for her in the carrier. Emily asked, what was the surprise? Susie replied that another black kitten had arrived with Artemis. And then Emily said it was Hercules, Artemis’ brother. And what to say while they talked, Hercules ran into the carrier and sat quietly there that no one noticed him immediately. Emily asked for forgiveness and said that in the morning she was waiting for them in the shelter. Morning has arrived, Emily waiting for Hercules, but she receives a call from Susie. Susie informs that Hercules will not be returned, as he was also very fond of overnight. He and Artemis are inseparable and always sleep together sweetly, we can’t separate them added Susie.

Emily was in a pleasant shock that the two kittens were so lucky!

The third kitten also had a happy story. A week later, he was taken to a loving family.

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