No one wanted to take this strange cat, but then luck smiled on her (photos)


The story is about a cat that was first found in an abandoned tram, and then sent to a shelter for stray cats. The cat was very scared, did not let anyone near her, as soon as someone tried to take her in his arms, she began to hiss. After a while, the cat adapted and began to go to the handles itself. Colleagues of the shelter were surprised by the strange appearance of this cat and believed that she had some kind of exotic breed. They were also surprised how the owners refused such an unusual cat and now no one wants to take it to themselves for what day.

After 2 months, the shelter receives a call from a woman named Friansika, who said that she had fallen in love with this cat very much and immediately wanted to take her to her. She described this cat with such admiration that it has a beautiful face, thick and unusually colored hair and eyes, that most importantly her eyes are filled with kindness and naivety.

At home, Friansika prepared everything for the comfort of the cat, she had her own bed, a claw, comfortable bowls for food.

The woman named the cat Bean. How glad she was that she took such a miracle home. In the early days, Friansika constantly wanted to hold Bina in her arms and enjoy contact with her.

And Bean herself got only pleasure from the love and care of her mistress. The cat did not have a simple past and she had already ceased to believe in people and in the good, but she fell in love with this woman and opened her heart to her. Always when Frianceka went to bed, Bean would jump on her bed, curl up next to her in a ball and sleep soundly. How good it is that Bean was lucky.

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