Pitbull gave up his booth to a stray cat, and she trusted the dog so much that gave birth to kittens there


How many people make the mistake of thinking that dogs are evil animals. There are so many stories where a dog helps people out in difficult moments and saves their owners when they get into trouble. And how many people believe that a dog and a cat cannot be friends and exist with each other together, but even here they are mistaken. This story proves that dogs can be friendly to cats.

The owner of the dog, Juan, was the first to take care of the cat, and the pit bull Flores simply decided to repeat after his owner. The stray cat constantly came to their yard and Juan fed her, and Flores watched all this.

And one day the pit bull began to actively ask for home and so insistently that Juan immediately realized that the dog really wanted to share something with the owner. Juan went after the pit bull and saw a picture of him allowing a stray cat to take shelter in his booth.

He also saw that the cat was preparing for childbirth and now small crumbs will be born. Flores did not mind that he had to sleep near the booth, on the contrary, he was glad that he had done a good deed and even brought his warm blanket to the cat. The cat gave birth to two kittens and Juan took them immediately to the house so that they would be warm and safe.

He also brought his mother cat home so that the kittens would always be fed. Floris and the cat Casey (as Juan called her) became best friends, they constantly rushed together in the yard and sometimes Juan had to feed the kittens from a syringe himself. As soon as the kittens grew up and became independent, they began to look for a home and loving owners, and Casey, Juan kept with him, as he saw how his dog became attached to this cat. Moreover, he saw how the pit bull sacrificed himself for Casey.

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