An ambulance worker saved a kitten that was crawling along the road


The man was driving home from the night shift and saw a kitten with the size of a palm on the road, which crawled without seeing obstacles. He came and took him in his arms, the kitten was scared, he was shaking, but the man hugged him tightly and covered him with a towel that he had in the car.

After that, he took the kitten to the nearest shelter, because the kitten needed proper care and attention. There in the shelter was a kind girl named Sarah Kelly, who provided everything for the little baby. The kitten was fed milk from a syringe and kept in an incubator to ensure the temperature it needed.

A week later, the kitten grew stronger, he had a strong appetite and a desire to be active. When the kitten saw Kelly walking towards him with a bottle, he began to meow loudly with joy. If Kelly went somewhere for a long time, then Chernysh (as the kitten was called) also meowed very loudly, so he showed that he did not want to be alone. When Kelly took Chernysh on the handles, he looked into her eyes, with such tenderness and love. So much gratitude and loyalty in those eyes, the toddler felt comfortable and was very good with Kelly.

Volunteers hoped that the kitten simply lagged behind his mother and she was somewhere nearby, from the place where Chernysh was found. So they went there to find my mother, but unfortunately they didn’t.

Chernysh lived in an orphanage for up to 3 months, Kelly was waiting for the moment when he would become completely independent and strong and then begin to look for a new family and home for him. And then one day the family that chose Chernysh arrives. In the new house, the cat was very much loved and appreciated. Kelly at first called and asked how he settled, she was very used to Chernysh and missed him.

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