The man cried like a child, hugging the found cat. He couldn’t believe he would meet him again


A man named Michael was a trucker and three years ago he met a gray kitten on his way, whom he named Mutty. Together with him, they traveled to many cities and were inseparable friends. After 5 months one day in June, their paths diverged. In the city of Springfield, they decided to stop to rest and in order not to go crazy from the heat, they opened the doors of a truck. And then it happens that Mutty is frightened of something and squeezes out of the car. Michael, not understanding anything, gets out of the car and begins to call Out to Mutey, but he does not respond. Then Michael went to look for him, because in a couple of seconds he could not run so far, Michael thought, but he was mistaken. He never found the cat and had to move on. And so for 3 months Michael came to that place and looked for it again, but all to no avail.

In November, a woman and her friend stay at that place and leave the car to go to the store for water. Returning to the car they see a picture of a cat standing, all tired and battered. People were not indifferent and took the cat to the nearest shelter.

At the inspection in the shelter, the cat found a chip where it was indicated who his owner was and his phone number. The man could not believe that after 3 months he found him. When he had already lost hope that he would meet him again. The man arrived on the same day and hugged Mutty tightly.

“God, I didn’t believe that Mutey would meet you, I missed you so much”

The man cried like a child with joy. And he was very grateful to the kind people who brought his cat to the shelter.

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