Homeless cat and dog together escaped from the cold, and then together got into a shelter


One autumn day, a man passes by a football field and sees a cat and a dog sitting near the fence, snuggled up against each other.

He could not take them to himself, but he really wanted to help them. he took a picture of this couple and posted them on social networks with a request for help. A couple of hours later, a woman Angela and her daughter responded to the ad. When Angela and her daughter arrived at the scene and tried to approach this couple, the dog covered the cat and began to growl. She didn’t immediately realize that these people had come with good intentions to them. But Angela found an approach and the dog and cat still managed to get to the shelter.

In the shelter they were examined by a veterinarian and both were absolutely healthy, only very frightened. In the shelter, they were given nicknames, the dog was named Jack, and the cat Was Named Merley. This couple never parted for a minute, constantly stuck together and were ready to protect each other.

After a couple of hours, the dog began to understand that this place is safe, that all people are kind and nice to them. Angela temporarily took Jack and Merley to her home and decided that when both were sterilized and when they recovered after the operation, she would begin to look for new owners and a home for them. Only here she is going to give them both at the same time to the same owner, because according to the veterinarian they should not be separated in any case, because they will begin to hurt longing for each other. This will be difficult to do and perhaps it will take a lot of time who will agree to take two at once, but still it is possible and they will wait for loving owners. It is not known how this couple became friends, whether they lived together in the same house or their fate brought them together on the street, but they will not be able to exist separately.

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