A woman adopted a pregnant dog from a shelter, and the dog thanked the woman by placing all her puppies in her arms


In the United States, one married couple dreamed of getting a big dog and decided that they would take it from a shelter to give a chance for a happy life. When they arrived at the shelter, one dog girl of the pit bull breed sunk into their soul. At that time, this dog was pregnant and it was already time for childbirth. An employee of the shelter said that no one takes her because of pregnancy, no one wants to take on such responsibility. And the young family reports that they take the dog to themselves, that they are ready to take care of both her and her children. The dog was named Gracie and exactly a week later she gave birth to eleven beautiful puppies.

During the birth, the woman Casey was next to Gracie and supported her. And as a token of gratitude, Gracie took turns bringing all of her puppies into Casey’s arms while she sat on the couch watching TV.

Casey was surprised, overwhelmed with feelings of joy and emotion. Gracie herself looked at her savior so much, it seemed that she at that moment confessed her love to her.

Gracie did a good job of caring for the puppies herself, but sometimes she got tired and then Casey had to feed them. When the puppies were three months old, they began to look for a new home and loving owners. The family decided to keep two puppies so that Gracie would not be lonely and dreary.

It’s such a sweet and interesting story.

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