The girl took three cats from the shelter, which no one took because they were blind. How was their fate?


Unfortunately, it is very rare when taking pets who have health problems or other features in appearance. But those people who do take, they have a huge loving heart.

In the city of Dubai, one day, workers near the construction site find three small kittens. One of the workers decided to take the kittens to the veterinary clinic for examination and there it turned out that all three kittens had infections. The veterinarian was able to cure all the infections except for the one that was in their eyes. Because of this infection, kittens will forever remain blind and this can not be influenced in any way.

The kittens were taken to the shelter and the shelter staff did not hope that someone would take them away. But one day a man comes for a cat and chooses one of these three. However, after a couple of days he brings back to the shelter and says that this cat is constantly lethargic and does not active at all. The staff of the shelter were at a loss, because when the cat was still in the shelter next to her two sisters, she behaved very actively and she was feeling great. Then they realized that the cat was thus homesick, longing for its sisters. It was decided that they would not give one more, if anyone wanted to take one of them, then let them take all three, because they cannot be separated.

More than a year later, a miracle happened, a girl with a big heart arrived. The girl’s name was Catherine Mango, in her whole life she had so many cats at home, to whom she was able to find a home and loving owners. After reading the story of these three blind cats, she wanted to take them to her. Give them a happy life, and for yourself to gain new experience of how to live with cats that do not see.

At home she had 3 cats that she kept for herself and the trio from the shelter became very good friends with her cats and quickly settled into her house.

Every day Catherine watched the picture of them rushing around the apartment and banging their heads on the couches, funny moments of course, but the main thing is that they were all happy.

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