The girl took the cat from a volunteer, and a month later she received a call saying that an old friend of her cat was very homesick for him


A girl named Megan really dreamed of a cat and decided that she would take either from a shelter or from volunteers who keep homeless animals on temporary hold. One day, she goes to a volunteer who has kept several cats in need of a new home and a loving family. One of the cats named Dwightley began to actively show Meghan what a capable and cool cat he was. He began to show the whole performance spinning on the floor and rolling from one side to the other, as well as purring loudly and rubbing his head against her legs. Meghan was so infatuated with Dwightley that she did not pay attention to other cats, and said that she was taking this funny cat to her. From day one, Dwightley settled into the new house and was content with the care of his mistress.

So a month has passed and one day Meghan receives a call, she received a call from the same volunteer from whom she took Duwaitley a month ago. The volunteer began to tell that Dwaightley had a friend of Conar’s, with whom they did everything together and were inseparable. And that as Dwightley was taken away, Conar has stopped eating and being active, he is constantly lying and longing. After those words, she asked Meghan if she had the opportunity to take Conor to her. Meghan was perplexed and did not know what to say, but after a couple of seconds she replied that she would take Conor well to herself. When Meghan brought Conor home, Dwightley immediately remembered his old friend and happily ran to him. On the same day, they went to bed sweetly together, and in the morning they arranged a real race around the apartment.

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