Having lost two left paws, the cat did not lose hope and learned to walk on two right paws


A brave and strong-willed cat that lived in New Zealand amazed everyone with its history. The cat’s name was Simon and at first he lived in an orphanage. When the Metyuriti family took him to their homes, he was no longer in possession of one paw. Despite this, Simon was actively running around the apartment and did not even realize that he had three paws.

But one day, Simon loses his second paw. During a walk in the yard, he was attacked by a dog, unfortunately Simon was weaker than her and received many wounds. The owners, after seeing what happened to their pet, immediately took him to the veterinary clinic for medical help. They reported that the dog brought the infection into the left paw and needed to be urgently amputated to avoid bad consequences. The owners were upset, they understood how difficult it would be for Simon to move on two right paws, but his life was more expensive for them and so they agreed. After the operation, the Metyuriti family thought that Simon would lead a passive lifestyle, lying down and sleeping more. But not here it was, after 5 days Simon was already making the first attempts to walk, trained very hard and it was clear from his mood that he still loved life very much.

Every day Simon went out into the yard and caught lizards, chased birds and was active with other cats. There was not a minute when Simon was discouraged, he was insanely happy!

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