The dog waited for three years for its owner on the threshold of an empty house


Everyone has probably watched the legendary film about the dog Hachiko. A dog that showed its owner a lot of loyalty. Today’s story is about how a dog from South Korea waited for three years for its owner on the threshold of an empty house. Once she was picked up on the street by an elderly woman and since then they walked together every day, walked. One day, the woman fell ill and was taken to the hospital, and after treatment he was sent to a nursing home, since the woman had no relatives. The woman had Alzheimer’s disease and unfortunately she did not remember the dog at all. So the dog was left alone, without a home and a beloved mistress.

Fu Shu sat down every morning near the threshold of the door and waited for her mistress. Neighbors understood that the dog was very homesick and waiting for his mistress and in order to somehow distract her from this, they brought her delicacies and gave her a lot of affection and love. Fi Shu was very happy with such care from people, as a sign of gratitude, she wagged her tail and licked the hands of good people.

This went on for three years. The dog was already 8 years old at that time and perhaps she would have stayed near the threshold of the door for the rest of her life, but journalists found out about her and called the television and the animal protection center. Journalists shot a whole story about a lonely faithful dog, which has been waiting for so long and longing for its owner near the threshold of the door. This story was seen by all residents of Asia and Europe. People greatly admired and sympathized with the dog, and after such a touching plot, new loving owners were quickly found for her.

In the new family, the dog changed its name to Skye. Finally, Phi Shu stopped suffering and again began to enjoy life and enjoy the love of new owners.

It’s such a sad but cute story at the same time.

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