3 ways how to get rid of the smell of cat urine


Unfortunately, the topic of today’s article is the most relevant topic for all cat owners. The owners have repeatedly faced the problem when a cat or cat begins to go to the toilet anywhere, but not in his tray. There are several reasons why a cat stops going to the litter box:

1. The litter box is not cleaned in time or is already too soaked in cat urine that the cat stops going into it and is looking for new places.

2. Disease of the urinary system

3. Psychological problems (the cat lives in a tense environment and often receives from the owners)

4. Tail injuries

If, because of one of the points, the cat begins to go to the toilet not in the tray, then usually the owners just take and wipe the cat’s urine with a wet cloth, thinking that this is enough. Or they use the usual means for washing the floors, but this is not enough to get rid of the smell of cat urine.

In today’s article, there are several ways to effectively get rid of the smell. Removal of urine is divided into 2 types: removal of urine acid, removal of thiol.

To get rid of the first type, you need to use table vinegar – on the place where the cat went to the toilet, you need to pour table vinegar, diluted strongly with water. Then cover with paper and allow to dry. After the vinegar is completely dry, you need to get rid of the second type. Take the baking soda and pour a little on the place of urine and proceed to the next step.

The next step consists of: Pour 3 percent hydrogen peroxide, a teaspoon of dish detergent and 200 ml of water into a container with a sprayer and begin to shake well. Next, pour the finished mixture into the place sprinkled with soda, so that this place begins to foam. Two hours is enough and the smell of cat urine is completely eliminated.

The second way is to remove the odor with citric acid. Dilute citric acid with water and pour into place of urine. Firstly, this will eliminate the smell of urine itself, and secondly, the cat no longer goes to that place, as it will be repelled by the citrus smell.

The third way is to remove the smell with potassium permanganate. Only this method can be used only on the floor, on furniture is not desirable. Since precipitation remains in potassium permanganate at the end of the glass, which will stain your furniture and it will be impossible to get rid of this.

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