The story of how a woman saved a recumbent kitten in the mud on the road, which people passed by. And gave him a happy life


One day, a woman saw a small kitten on the road in the mud, to which passers-by did not react. The kitten looked bad and the woman took him to the veterinarian for examination.

In the veterinary clinic, a woman and a veterinarian noticed that the kitten itself could not move and decided to make an X-ray of the bones of the front and back paws. From the picture with the bones, everything turned out to be in order. And then the veterinarian said that the problem is related to neuralgia and she cannot give accurate diagnoses when the kitten begins to move itself. The kitten’s treatment was complicated, a lot of medicines, injections and constant massages. The woman did not want to give the kitten to the shelter and took her to her, saying that she was ready to take care of the kitten and give him a happy life.

On the same day, the woman gave the name to the kitten Bela and began to take care of him. Day and night, she watched the dynamics and within a week Bela began to move one paw, and a month later she was already boldly moving all her paws. I ate, visited the stall, tried to play and all with my own efforts.

The woman spared no time and constantly talked and paid attention to Bela. Bela, on the other hand, grew every day and became a beautiful, chic cat.

The woman was constantly thinking about how people so calmly passed by a kitten that needed people’s help. Kittens, such children who need care and love.

Bela loved her mistress very much. She was grateful for a happy life.

It’s such a sad and happy story at the same time.

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