The story is how the found kitten did not want to drink milk, but really wanted to live. How did it all come together?


A resident of Arizona on the way to the store finds a small gray kitten with a cute tuft on his head. The kitten was very thin and shivering from the cold. The woman took the kitten to her home to help him. First of all, she tried to feed the kitten with warm milk, but the kitten did not want to take the bottle in her mouth and refused milk. The woman did not understand how to be in this situation and turned for help to the organization for the rescue of small kittens. In the shelter, the kitten was examined by a veterinarian and tried to feed it through a special rubber tube. It was possible to feed, the kitten for the first time in a long time drank milk well.

The kitten was nicknamed Voufli and was temporarily taken to her home by the veterinarian’s assistant Leila.

Leila at home also tried to give Vouffley milk from a bottle a couple of times, but it didn’t work out, Woolley had some aversion to the bottle. So I had to feed from a straw, thanks to which Voofli began to actively gain weight and become strong and well-fed. According to the veterinarian, the woman who found the kitten very time brought it to the shelter, because the kitten is already too weak from hunger. Layla, knowing that the kitten was hypothermia on the street, constantly kept him warm. Either she put in a warm carrier wrapped in a blanket, or on her hands, also wrapped in a warm blanket.

But unfortunately, Wufla had to drink an antibiotic for several days to avoid pneumonia. A few days later, Leila heard For the first time, Woolley purred with pleasure. She was very pleased with this, because so she understood that all her efforts were not in vain, that Vouffley looked better every day and his condition improved. Vouffley fell in love with Leila and always asked for her hands, and when he was on the handles he sweetly fell asleep.

A month has passed, and the cute tuft on Vouffley’s head has remained, perhaps he will remain forever and Woolley will be an unusual cat.

Layla decided that the kitten would live with her until he was 3 months old and he was completely strong, only then she would start looking for new owners and a home for him.

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