A street cat asked to visit firefighters and received a permanent home


One winter day, the cat came to visit the firefighters, hoping that she would be allowed into the building and take care of her.

The cat was desperately looking out the window of the fire station and was seen by a duty officer passing by. After the duty officer saw the cat, he immediately ran outside, because it was frosty in the yard, the cold wind and the poor cat was waiting for help from people. The fireman on duty felt sorry for the cat and let it into the building to warm up.

Looking at her appearance, he realized that the cat is not domestic and there is no one to return it. The cat was fed and watered and after that the duty officer began to think about what to do with the cat, he could not send it back to the street, she did not have an owner to whom she could return. And so lucky that the head of the fire station Calvin Tei, who already had 4 cats at home, came and seeing a cat in the duty unit asked for an explanation from the duty officer. After the duty officer described the whole situation, the chief said that the cat would be temporarily taken under his care. On the same day, Chief Calvin gave the cat the name Amber and took her to the vet for examination. The veterinarian recognized the cat as quite healthy, only the tips of the ears were a little frostbitten due to frost on the street.

When Calvin and Amber returned home, Calvin took a couple of photos of the cat and posted an ad on social media. a net that puts the cat in loving hands. It’s been a week, and no one has responded to the ad. While the cat was staying with him, he again took her to the veterinarian and asked to sterilize the cat. After the operation, the cat recovered quickly, began to gain weight well and began to look very beautiful.

Calvin took new photos of the cat and again posted an ad on social media and a new owner was found for Embry. Calvin was happy that the cat had found new loving owners and was insanely proud to have saved her life.

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