The puppy wanted to be euthanized for being too timid, but kind people gave him a chance


A small puppy named One owner brought to the shelter and said that the dog was not suitable for them because he “can not get along with people.”

The puppy was placed in an aviary, where there were other dogs in addition to him. Small and skittish Odin felt very insecure. The dog spent most of the day huddled in a corner and even food could not lure him out of there. When a person approached, the dog began to squeal softly and show his teeth.

After some time in the shelter, the dog’s behavior did not change. Employees concluded that the dog is really not amenable to socialization, and he does not have a chance to become a pet. Due to overcrowding, shelters often put such dogs to sleep. The same fate awaited Odin.

Finally, the shelter posted information on social networks that the dog will soon face euthanasia if no one takes him, describing all his “shortcomings”.

Fortunately, miracles sometimes happen! After reading the story of Odin, one caring family decided to get acquainted with the dog. And when they saw him live – so small, cute and very scared, they immediately took him home.

The woman shared her thoughts on the fact that the little puppy was apparently very frightened, and may not have been treated very well before. She and her husband promised to restore Odin’s faith in man and give him a normal life.

And that’s what happened. After a few months of living in the family, Odin turned into an absolutely normal dog – playful, perky and affectionate. Together with his friend, he loves to watch TV and run in the garden.

Kindness and affection can change anyone, especially if it is just a small, devoted puppy.

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