The man saved the dog from euthanasia, and then learned that he saved as many as seven dogs


A sad story with a happy ending occurred in the United States.

A dog got into a shelter of unlimited reception of animals. According to the laws of the state, in such shelters the animal is given a certain time to stay, but if the owner is not found, then the animal is euthanized.

A man named Nicholas, while browsing the news, came across an extension ad and learned that the dog was already on the waiting list for euthanasia.

He wasn’t going to get a pet, but for some reason this news didn’t get out of his head. After a few days of reflection, the man went to the shelter and managed, literally, at the last moment. He took Emma (as the dog was called), counting on a temporary overexposure, but after a couple of days he realized that he could not part with this girl, and that fate had brought them together.

And after a while, the man learned that he had saved not one dog, but as many as seven. After all, Emma brought puppies. It turned out that she was already in a position when she got to the shelter, but no one knew about it.

As a caring and responsible host, Nicholas acquired everything he needed for the little ones. Of course, for a man who until recently was not going to get a dog at all, the news that he now has as many as 7 of them confused him a little. But local volunteers promised to help with the addition of babies when they grow up.

Well, Emma is waiting for sterilization and a happy long life with the real owner, who noticed her in time and saved her.

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