The couple went to the restaurant together, and came back with the three of them (with the cat)


The woman Stacey and her husband went to the restaurant and at the entrance to the restaurant there was a cat who began to caress Stacey’s legs. The couple smiled at the cute cat and went inside. We took a seat at the table and placed our order. Stacey sat down in front of the door and saw this cute cat caressing her legs now looking at her through the glass of the front door. They say that animals choose their own owners. So this is the very case when the cat chose a mistress and really wanted to get to know her more.

Stacey could barely contain her emotions from emotion and told her husband that she wanted to take this cat home. The husband agreed, because he himself liked this funny cat.

When the waiter brought the order, Stacey asked him if they knew anything about the cat. The waiter said that he has been living near the restaurant for a long time, here he is fed and loved. Then, Stacey asked to bring some unnecessary towel in which she would wrap the cat and take him to her. After the couple had dinner, Stacey took the cat in her arms, wrapped him in a towel and put him in the car.

On the way home, they gave the name to the cat Leo. At home, Stacey immediately fed him and gave him a drink. And my husband went to the pet store for bowls and a tray for Leo. Stacy was surprised, but the cat behaved very well, it was clear that he was well-mannered and loved order in everything.

Based on this, the couple began to think that the cat was domestic and for some reason he was sent to the street or he himself decided to leave the former house. Leo really liked the new house, he immediately got used to it and purred with happiness. He has chosen his masters and he is perfectly happy!

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