The dog lost his best friend and missed, then the owners decided to take home 4 homeless kittens. What was the reaction of the dog


Dogs, unlike cats, are very attached to those they loved and with whom they spent a lot of time together. And dogs become attached not only to people, but also to animals. In this story, merly’s dog had a best friend cat Vaska, with whom they managed to be together for 2 years.

The cat was taken from the shelter when he was already 18 years old, and Merley at that time was already 20 years old. And unfortunately Vaska lived only 2 years. During these two years, Merley became very attached to Vaska, they were both elderly in age and most of the time they lay together on a cozy sofa and enjoyed life. Merley did not love his masters with whom he lived for 20 years, as he loved Vaska. Looking at this couple, it was impossible not to be touched.

So, as Vaska was gone, Merley withdrew into himself, he could neither sleep nor eat. he constantly missed his best friend. When he lay down on the couch at the place where he and Vaska always slept, he began to whine sadly.

The owners could not watch their dog suffer and decided to take two adult cats from the shelter, but unfortunately Merley did not let them near him. And one day, not far from the house, the owners found 4 kittens who needed a house and they decided to take them to themselves. A miracle happened, Merley came over to smell these kittens and smiled. Happiness was again visible on his face, he was madly happy with the little crumbs.

From that day on, Merley was no longer sad, and the kittens mistook the dog for their mother and constantly went after Merley with their tails.

Such a sad but sweet story.

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