The cat was lost, but the owner continued to look for him. A touching meeting after 7 years of separation


Those who actually love animals understand that for us they become much more than just pets. And a sudden separation due to the disappearance of a furry friend can cause a strong and painful blow.

So it was with a man named Robert. In 2012, his 12-year-old cat, named Chebon, got lost just before moving to another city.

Robert was very upset and postponed the move until the cat was found.

For a long time, the man tried to find the animal, using all sorts of methods.

But after a whole year of fruitless searches, his hands dropped, and he stopped searching, believing that his cat was probably no longer alive, because he was quite old.

But fate decreed otherwise…

In 2019, as much as 7 years after The disappearance of Cebon, an unknown woman called a man and said that his pet had been found. It was a veterinarian. It turned out that the cat was brought to them by unknown people and said that they found it on the street in poor condition.

The cat was indeed emaciated, but overall, his life was not in danger.

According to the implanted microchip, it was possible to determine the name of the cat, the age and name of its owner.

So Robert found out that his 19-year-old cat was alive and he was found!

Of course, Robert arrived at the veterinary clinic, where a very touching meeting of the owner with his cat took place.

As if those 7 years of separation hadn’t happened! When the cat habitually put his paws on the shoulders of the owner, he could not hold back tears.

Now an elderly cat will be able to spend the rest of his life not on the street, but in warmth and comfort. Surrounded by the care of his longtime human friend.

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