The battered cat spent his whole life on the street. Finally, luck smiled on him


The red-haired battered tramp spent his whole life wandering and fighting. This is usually the case with cats that are forced to be homeless.

When the cat was noticed by the pet service and decided to take him to a cat shelter, he did not resist at all. Apparently I no longer had the strength to wander.

The cat turned out to be about 6 years old, although it looked like you could give all 10. The entire body of the cat was covered with scars, the ear and eye were badly affected. The cat was also sick with a virus, in a word – without treatment, he would not have lasted long. Despite all the difficulties, Ginger turned out to be very contactable. At the sight of a man, he began to purr like a small tractor and thus, greatly disposed to himself a person.

But despite the friendliness, no one wanted to take the cat into the family. Guests of the shelter always stayed next to the cat and scratched his ear for a long time, but always left with others – kittens, or cute cats.

One day, a woman named Sandra, seeing in social. Network post about a sad cat, literally in absentia fell in love with him. That’s the kind of friend she wanted.

Sandra came to the shelter to meet her, and according to her- Ginger got into her heart. But there was one problem, because of which the woman could not take the cat home.

She rented an apartment, the owner of which was against animals. For a while, Sandra visited the cat and waited for him to find the kindest hands. But time passed, and Ginger lived in an orphanage, where he got only echoes of normal life.

Once Sandra decided to send the owner of the apartment a photo of the cat and ask him for leniency. And this touching muzzle was able to melt the heart of a man.

“Good,” he said. How can you deny those eyes?”

On the same day, Sandra took Ginger, and they began a happy life together.

According to the woman, the first day and night the cat purred non-stop. In this way he expressed his happiness and gratitude.

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